Corporate Event Yacht Cabo San Lucas

Arguably the best way to throw your next tax deductible corporate event is via luxury yacht on the waters of Cabo San Lucas. Not only is it a great way to impress your potential clients or regular clients, but it is perfect for rewarding success with your team members. Unmatched views, 5-Star service, your choice of cuisines and made to order beverages on a luxury vessel that can be chartered for the day or more.

At Yachts Cabo Charters we offer a fleet of vessels ranging from sailing catamarans all the way to luxury mega yachts. The events we organize range from couples to a couple of hundred, and our team of seasoned professionals do this every day. If you are looking to set up a specialized event, we offer scuba, fishing, snorkeling, waverunners and much much more. There is nothing better than making work seem like a vacation, and what better place to host your next corporate event than out on the pristine waters along the smooth sandy beaches of Cabo. Call or fill out a Contacts Form for more information.

Let Yachts Cabo Charters provide you with an opportunity to see the sites in a way not possible by land or air. Take a journey through countless photo opportunities with your favorite drinks and closest friend or friends to share it with. Originally this cruise was created for couples, but because so many groups were making the request we made it available to everyone. Dine on your on board prepared cuisine while the day turns to darkness and the only light is provided from the stars and the Cabo skyline.Whether you are booking for a short sunset cruise or making a day of it, there is so much to see and take in that we guarantee an experience like no other. To view the different types of vessels available to you, simply click on the Our Fleet link provided here or feel free to Contact Us and our team will assist you in the selection process over the phone.


With a high emphasis on customer service, one might think everything else falls down later on the list of importance, but with Yachts Cabo Charters it is just the opposite. We believe that customer service includes providing our valued guests with options. For example, there are options on the type of Luxury Vessel available to our clients such as Power Luxury Yachts, Mega Yachts, Catamarans, Power Catamarans, Sailing Yachts and more. Most of our yachts have the option of fishing, scuba, waverunners, paddle boards, kayaks and the list goes on. When it comes to selecting the food service, we offer everything from finger foods to your choice of cuisines with an on board chef. It is these kind of options that have made us the Premier Yacht Service in Lapaz and other Mexico Territories. The customer service doesn’t stop there. Our executive team brings their middle management background with leading hotel chains and restaurants who exemplify customer service at a 5-Star level to this industry where we have exploited a niche that was untapped until we arrived. All team and crew members despite their backgrounds and experience levels go through a retraining period prior to taking one phone call or leaving port with one guest. Our goal at Yachts Cabo Charters is to provide each and every guest with the greatest possible experience which requires us to always be at our best for you. The third and surely not the last item of importance is what we do with you prior to your charter. Our telephone support staff works with each of our valued clients to assemble the perfect itinerary with an unflawed action plan for your event. This doesn’t mean that the itinerary cannot be changed. It is actually quite the opposite. Sometimes we find that our guest thoroughly enjoy one activity more than the next which requires a change to the plans. This is something that our team not only supports, but we applaud your enthusiasm and make our ultimate goal your enjoyment. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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