Your Kids and Family Will Not Get Bored in Cabo San Lucas… Check Out Why

It’s time to leave the real world behind and enjoy and treasure moments and experiences with your family that will last a lifetime on board a private and luxurious Cabo San Lucas yacht rental. In Cabo San Lucas, dramatic landscapes await where the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the turquoise waves of the Pacific. The curvy coast of pale sand beaches and views of the incredible El Arco rock formation from a Cabo San Lucas boat rental is a feast for the eyes of every traveler. The only difficulty a traveler here may face is in deciding what to do if anything at all.



Cabo San Lucas is dotted with several world-class golf courses, an underwater nature preserve, pristine beaches, sports fishing and shopping. It is the perfect spot to witness the amalgamation of natural wonder, local allure and modern luxury. That is why we bring you activities which are perfect to enjoy with your little ones and the rest of your family in Los Cabos:


Swim With DOLPHINS – The younger members of the family will have an amazing once being in contact with one of the most intelligent marine species. During the dolphin encounter program, you along with your kids can interact with friendly dolphins. You can stroke them, play with them and even get a wet kiss from the dolphin. You can also zoom across the water with an exciting belly ride or dorsal tow or even an exciting underwater swim with the dolphins!


Aerial View During ZIPLINE – While in Cabo San Lucas, fly like a superhero! Los Cabos has the most fun and exciting ziplines. You’ll fly through spectacular desert landscapes, soar across canyons, and tree canopies. Take in the spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez, and enjoy learning about Mexico’s rich biosphere. When you experience a Cabo San Lucas zipline tour, you’ll be sure to get a thrill. Come to enjoy an adventure full of adrenaline when soaring on ziplines.


Ride On A CAMEL – Camels are one of the friendliest and most loving animals you will ever meet. Make your child ride on the beast that takes you for a stroll along the white sandy beaches which offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. If visiting during the winter months, then while taking a ride on the back of a camel you can also spot majestic humpback whales. The guide will share with you the enthralling tales about past and present traditions, history, and cultures.


Enjoy The SNORKELING – Nothing is more exquisite than spotting incredible marine life found in the depths of the crystal clear waters. In the turquoise blue waters, you can spot manta rays to marine turtles, an innumerable quantity of tropical fish, and colorful corals and rock formations that are home to millions of species. Cabo San Lucas offers some of the Mexican Riviera’s best snorkeling spots including the marine preserves of Santa Maria Bay and Cabo Pulmo.


Experience SCUBA DIVING – The sea of Cortes is home to a large variety of fish and dive sites known throughout the world. Under the guidance of certified scuba instructors and dive masters, look forward to diving that takes you to the most pristine of destinations filled with exotic flora, fauna and amazing rock formations filled with a sea of tropical fish. From coral reefs to schools of exotic fish – there is much more to watch. Even whale watching from the water is possible!


Encounter WHALE SHARK – No experience in the world can match swimming alongside the largest fish in the ocean especially when that fish is a shark! Don’t worry, these Whale Sharks are known as the “gentle giants of the sea”. Jump into the water and snorkel beside these massive creatures. Once in the water, enjoy the enormity and beauty that nature has to offer. Keep an eye out for dolphins, rays, whales and other exciting sea life! An awesome, close-up encounter awaits you.


Explore The WILD CANYON KINGDOM – At Wild Canyon’s Kingdom – one of the most exciting adventure parks in Cabo – you can have a close encounter with exotic animal species such as iguanas, lovebirds, prairie dogs, macaws and more.


In Los Cabos, the fun never ends! Our Cabo San Lucas yacht rental will make all suitable arrangements for all activities that children and adults will like to be a part of. The amazing canyons and beautiful beaches make Cabo the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation on board your own private Cabo San Lucas boat rental.