You Must Visit These Beaches of Cabo San Lucas

The beaches of Los Cabos are one of the most beautiful destinations you will come across in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez coastlines. This stretch of paradise is located on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Along the rocky cliffs lie a great deal of bays, luxurious resorts and soft sandy beaches. The water can be found in all shades of blue ranging from navy to turquoise and also green.


Catamaran Charter Cabo San Lucas


Hop on your private catamaran charter in Cabo San Lucas and sail along the corridor from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas and experience the natural beauty with countless surprises of the innumerable beaches and what they have in store for everyone. The warm sunny days and fantastic water temperatures make it feasible for visitors to enjoy this natural wonderland and its splendors both on the ground and in the water.


The turquoise blue waters of Los Cabos offer many golden opportunities to swim or be part of the adrenaline pumping water sports activities. To make your vacation easier, we have listed some of the swimmable beaches that you probably want to visit while in Los Cabos:


Lover’s Beach – It’s a must-see on every first-timer’s list. The first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the word Lovers Beach is a quiet romantic place, but this is not so with Lover’s Beach in Los Cabos. Instead, this beach is a fun place for everyone to visit. Neptune’s Finger, a large rock that protrudes out of the sea, can be seen from this beach. A five-minute walk west from Lovers Beach will take you to Divorce Beach. Swimming and snorkeling are better on the Sea of Cortez side of Lover’s Beach, where clear green water can be found.


Medano – Being the most popular beach in Cabo, Médano Beach stretches several kilometres along the Cabo Bay. If you want to truly experience the beauty of the Sea of Cortés – don’t forget to visit this beach. People flock to this beach in large numbers, therefore the chairs with umbrellas fill up quickly. At Médano Beach, the water sports enthusiasts can enjoy jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing to name a few. A defining characteristic of Médano Beach is the party atmosphere throughout.


Chileno Beach – Throughout Cabo San Lucas, this beach is the most popular when it comes to diving and snorkeling. Located just a bit more than halfway along the Corridor, swimming conditions are excellent here – credits go to Chileno Bay. The clarity and beauty of the water here is reminiscent of the beaches you would find in the Caribbean. While swimming or snorkeling, you can spot exotic fish such as angelfish and parrotfish. The beach is also home to tropical fish, moray eels, sea turtles, sea urchins, sea fans, sponges, starfish, and invertebrates. Your private catamaran charter in Cabo San Lucas can arrange a snorkeling tour for you at Chileno Beach.


Sunset Beach – Those looking for calm waters and peaceful surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, this mile-long stretch of beach – Playa Palmilla or Palmilla Beach is the beach you should visit. The remote coral sand cove of Playa Palmilla (Palmilla Beach) offers peaceful fishing, water sports, or even the chance to chat with locals. You can see the anglers returning with their catch or simply rent one of the small pangas at the beach and try out your fishing skills. Depending on conditions, you can swim or surf here. While swimming you can interact with brightly colored marine life.


All the beaches in Cabo San Lucas are worth visiting! And the ones that are considered to be the most suitable for swimming have been enlisted above. If you want to swim and do some watersports, then we highly recommend you visit the beaches mentioned above. These are the more popular bayside beaches which can be accessed by catamaran charter in Cabo San Lucas and in some cases, by car. The professional crew on board will brief you about the rich past of each beach in detail. You will also be provided with drinks and light snacks on board.