Whale Watching Experience in Cabo San Lucas

In the winter months of the northern hemisphere, from the months of November to April, thousands of tourists flock to the tip of the Baja Peninsula at Los Cabos to catch a glimpse of the ocean’s gentle giants – the whales. Hop on a private Cabo San Lucas boat rental to take in the spectacular views of the pod of dozens of majestic creatures as they make their way to the warm waters around the Sea of Cortez to feed, frolic and flap their fins, making some incredible viewing for tourists and locals alike.


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Where Do They Come From?


The humpback whales call the waters around Los Cabos their home. They are migratory whales meaning that they head up and down the coastline throughout the year depending on the climate and the breeding season. In the warm summer months, the whales in the northern hemisphere make their way towards north to the Arctic to feed in the rich oceans. Then in the cooler months, they make their way towards the equator to breed and raise their young, so that the young calves aren’t harmed by the freezing polar waters in the North.


This annual migration cycle means that all along the coastlines of Canada, the United States and Baja California, whales can be spotted dancing, playing, breaching on the surface, diving, and lofting a fin – these are sure to make your day.


When Is The Best Time To See The Whales?


In the warm summer months, the whales call the Arctic waters their home. An enthusiastic and a keen whale watcher knows that winters are the perfect time to visit Los Cabos. Even in the middle of the winter months, Los Cabos is still quite warm and the sun shines brightly. From December till April, whale populations peak in the waters of Los Cabos, but small numbers can be found as early as November and late as May.


All throughout the day, the whales like being part of the different variety of activities. In the early hours of the day, when there are fewer waves, you have a great chance of spotting whales. However, if you don’t mind a choppier sea in the afternoon, when there are more wind and waves, you will get to spot more whales breaching the surface and flipping about.


What’s The Best Way To See Whales In Los Cabos?


It’s not possible to tell exactly what is the best way to see whales in Los Cabos. There are less opportunities of spotting a whale by the beach side. However, the best way to spot the whales is to hop on board your own private Cabo San Lucas boat rental and ask your captain to take you to the best whale watching spots. A number of short tours leave from the Cabo San Lucas harbor and head out to a number of “secret spots” where you can easily spot these giant sea animals.


The professional crew on board your private boat rental ensures to deliver unforgettable experiences for every guest where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. They will introduce you to the Humpback Whales and Gray Whales here in the warm waters of their mating grounds and their birthing nursery bays. You also encounter Bottlenose Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, many species of Sea Birds, and a diverse variety of marine animals who call Cabo San Lucas their home.


The Best Whale Watching Cabo Has To Offer


If you looking to have the best whale watching experience in Los Cabos – then look no further. Led by some of the region’s finest local whale experts, our whale watching tour takes you to some of the areas best spots for seeing humpback whales in their natural habitat. Hear the whale while sipping on your favorite beverage. You can also click the photos of whales while they breach. When it comes to Cabo San Lucas whale watching, this is the tour to top them all.


Yacht companies offer different varieties of boats to go on a whale watching escapade. Cabo San Lucas boat rental tours also let you encounter other marine wildlife. All those who have a desire to see the world’s largest creatures play in the world’s greatest destination, then Los Cabos is the place for you.