Visiting Cabo San Lucas in January? Do Not Miss Out On These Activities

Everybody seems to be happy and merrymaking with the arrival of another New Year. If you want to experience an unforgettable January 2018 – Cabo San Lucas has many excellent options for friends and family. Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination all throughout the year due to its beautiful weather, sandy beaches, crazy nightlife, numerous activities and party atmosphere.


Visiting Cabo San Lucas in January


In the month of January, even when the sun is still out, the temperatures are amazing and it makes spending the day outdoors on a private yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas even better. The breathtaking landscapes having the desert and the ocean as a background will surely leave you stunned. Whales, camels, dunes, beautiful fauna and flora or tasting delicious gastronomy are some of the activities that ought not to be missed while vacationing during the first month of the year in Cabo San Lucas:


WHALE WATCHING – December to April is the best time to enjoy whale watching in Cabo San Lucas. The boat charter will take you close to their habitat to get you up close and personal with the gray whales of the Baja. The other species of whales you can see are Humpback Whales. Here in Cabo San Lucas, you can observe Gray Whales fairly close to the shore. Imagine being on the deck of your yacht admiring its colossal size and water stunts. Under the guidance of an expert, see whales leaping from the ocean, frolicking baby whales or witness the intensity of whale mating groups.


FISHING ESCAPADE – All throughout the world, Cabo San Lucas is famous for sportfishing. The waters of Baja serve as home to world-class billfish and prized catches like Tuna, Snapper, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and more. Passionate anglers from across the world make sure to go fishing on board their own private fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas as its waters are legendary. Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places anywhere to feel the thrill of catching a billfish on a fly. The waters of Cabo San Lucas are also an abode for monster fish – All in all, Cabo has it all!


CAMEL SAFARI – “Camel is the ship of the desert.” Therefore, Camel is the perfect way to explore the desert and fascinating ecosystem of the Baja outback. Under the guidance of professional experts, head out on a scenic nature walk through the desert’s fascinating and unique vegetation.


Explore the area’s native flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled for massive, ancient cacti reaching their spiky arms skyward. You can also come across foxes, deer, and chipmunks that call this harsh and arid landscape their home. Savor traditional Mexican dishes including fresh tortillas and authentic salsas.


LUXURY SPA EXPERIENCE – Attend a fitness class or experience aromatic spa on board your private yacht charter to rejuvenate your body and mind. Unwind and relax with the latest in anti-aging treatments, and deep-tissue massage. The professional spa therapist provides local holistic therapies that ought not be missed.


REMARKABLE GASTRONOMY – Cabo San Lucas is considered as a culinary paradise. From elegant dining rooms to casual coffee shops or simple “taquerias,” Los Cabos serves up thrilling meals. Deboard your private charter and treat your taste buds with seafood that features Mexican flair. You can also try the finger licking margaritas. As outside dining is a year-round luxury, the top restaurants also share gorgeous seaside views alongside world-class food and wine.


SCUBA DIVING – The Sea of Cortes is home to a large variety of fish and dive sites known throughout the world. The diving here takes you to the most pristine destinations filled with exotic flora, fauna and amazing rock formations. From coral reefs to schools of exotic fish – there is so much to explore in the underwater world of Cabo.


Cabo has been recognized as the tourist destination of Mexico that provides the greatest satisfaction to all travelers. Each adventurous activity has its own vibe and charm when enjoyed on board a private yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas. From enjoying a fishing excursion aboard a fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas, to going on a whale watching or diving escapade, you will get amazing opportunities to try adventurous activities while vacationing in Cabo.