Visiting Cabo San Lucas? Don’t Miss Out On These Natural Wonders

Gracias Los Cabos!


Nowadays, there is hardly any place where you can enjoy silence and peace of mind. The hustle and bustle of city life, social media, and even our own mental noise keeps us away from the precious and necessary time of peace. Fortunately, there are still some places where you can enjoy complete solitude, where you can really relax. The unmatched weather, elegant beaches, grand resorts, breathtaking sunsets, world class snorkeling and scuba diving is what tempts the savvy travelers from across the world to this gorgeous getaway spot.



The peninsula of Baja California Sur is home to 3 natural sites where you can really escape from the chaos of the world and come close to flora and fauna. All the three natural wonders are located at a distance of not more than 2 hours away from Cabo San Lucas. So, hop on a private catamaran charter in Cabo San Lucas each morning for three days whilst on vacation and explore the beauty of these islands. Close your eyes, feel the wind over your face, listen to waves crash, birds whistle and enjoy the spectacular vistas of Mother Nature.


CABO PULMO – If you’re looking for snorkeling or diving without the crowds, come to Cabo Pulmo as it has one of the richest and most extensive coral reef regions. With more than 7, 000 hectares of sea, it is a Marine Protected Area (MPA), and one of the most successful national marine parks in the world. Estimated to be 20,000 years old, the reefs of Cabo Pulmo have long been considered a treasure of the Baja California peninsula.


Predatory sharks, massive rays, humpback whales, sea turtles and ospreys are among the many species that can be spotted. They come here for reproduction, feeding and habitat. The reef is also home to one endangered species: the large and valuable gulf grouper.


SAN DIONISIO – Is a beautiful community where around 50 people live permanently, spread over 14 ranches. If you have been looking for outdoor adventures, this is the ideal place to be. You will find yourself in direct contact with nature. Under the guidance of an expert, explore the cultural heritage and listen to the enthralling tales shared by the locals. Climb giant rocks, walk in the midst of the mountains and admire the stunning vistas of the bountiful gift of nature.


You can get to know about the characteristic of the area along with its rich variety of flora and fauna simply by taking a hike. The pathways around the Canyon are unique thus making it suitable for mountain biking as well.


PLAYA SANTA MARIA – San José del Cabo – the natural gift is famous worldwide for tranquility and an unparalleled landscape. Try to arrive during early hours of the day to take in the eye glittering views of the astounding sunrise. It is at this time when the sea and the wind will compose the perfect symphony. This beach is a marine sanctuary, excellent for snorkeling.


Saint Mary Bay is a very popular beach and bay for snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. Doing any of the three will allow you to enjoy the many colorful tropical reef fish. The bay is a protected marine sanctuary which accounts for the best underwater opportunities.


PLAYA BAHÍA EL CHILENO – Located amid San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas is El Chileno Bay beach – the popular beach. The calm waters and the relaxation offered by the shadow of numerous palm trees that grow here is the vital reason why locals and tourist alike in large numbers visit this beach. The clear and calm waters make it suitable to try your luck at swimming and snorkeling.


The beauty of the beach will leave you spellbound. This beach of Cabo is an excellent day trip location where you can practice all kinds of watersports or simply bask lazily in the sun on the beach or the deck of your luxury yacht.


All the above mentioned natural wonders are the most beautiful places in Los Cabos worth visiting and taking in what they have to offer. Wherever you are on the island, the catamaran charter in Cabo San Lucas will make your visit and experience an amazing one.