Tours in Cabo San Lucas For Summertime Fun During Your Corporate Bash

Looking for a unique venue to wine and dine a special client? Perhaps you are interested in a creative space that fosters ingenuity or interaction among your employees? Then why not charter a private corporate event yacht in Cabo San Lucas to reward your employees with an event of a lifetime or treat your potential clients to a memorable evening. Yachts Cabo Charters is a pioneer in organizing corporate events in Cabo San Lucas.



Los Cabos, Mexico is one of the world’s leading vacation destinations. Home to vibrant Cabo San Lucas and charming San José del Cabo, this region is located at the sunny tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. This is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez at the iconic rock formation at Land’s End known as “El Arco.”


Summer is the best time to be outdoors, especially in Cabo. Outdoor tours in Cabo San Lucas are the best way to get moving and stay in the sunshine. Even though the summertime can be rainy, most days are cloudless and warm. Your next corporate party in Cabo can easily become a once in a lifetime adventure for your employees especially if it is hosted on board a private yacht charter. Instead of doing your typical outdoor activities, kick it up a notch with these tours especially geared towards summertime.


SNORKEL IN THE CRYSTAL CLEAR WATERS – Snorkeling is a fun activity for any age group. Your team will enjoy swimming through the sparkling, waters to explore the world’s best underwater aquarium. They will also love the versatility of snorkeling as they dive down towards the ocean floor. If you have someone in your party who is not interested in snorkeling, they can easily observe from the boat or just lay back, relax and enjoy a Margarita. The views are beautiful up there as well. Drop anchor in a spectacular cove where you’ll swim, snorkel and power-snorkel (with water scooters) in the clear, protected waters while looking for rays and sea turtles and enjoying the abundance of tropical fish. Admire the colorful coral and rugged rock formations that house teeming sea life.


PADDLE BOARDING – Another adrenaline rush activity which your team can be part of is paddle boarding – a great way to spend a day on the water. Under the guidance of an expert, make your team paddle along the Bay of San Lucas or just head out on your own. Check out the iconic Arch, Cabo’s natural rock structure jutting out of the Caribbean, a colony of sea lions, and Lover’s beach as you paddle through the waters. Then wear your snorkel gear and wade into the water for a different adventure: swimming with schools of tropical fish. When you’ve had your fill of snorkeling and beach time, paddle back to the corporate event yacht in Cabo San Lucas.


DINNER CRUISE – Cabo San Lucas is famous for its beautiful sunsets, and there is nothing more peaceful and breathtaking than sailing the waters off Cabo as the crimson sun dips into the deep blue waters of the Pacific. As you chill out with your colleagues on deck, cocktail in hand with the wind pushing you across the crystal waters of this place that many compare to paradise, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortés, do not miss out on the breathtaking views offered by the stunning sunset. As you gaze out across the Pacific Ocean, you’ll marvel at the changing colors of the sky and the horizon emblazoned in shades of fiery gold, red and pink. The professional staff on board will help you unwind with some fine wine, gourmet delights and a top-shelf open bar. Later you can tap your feet to the tunes of live music or better yet, get up and dance with some of your co-workers.


There’s no better way to host your upcoming corporate bash in the summer days than adventuring around Cabo. Between paddleboarding, snorkeling, and finishing your day up with a sunset dinner cruise, your Cabo event will be jam-packed with adventure. These tours in Cabo San Lucas will make your employees relaxed and will give them the special feeling of being valued by their employer.