Tips To Make Your Vacations Memorable in July in Cabo San Lucas

Visiting Cabo San Lucas is always a good idea! With July fast approaching, Cabo is heating up summertime fun. There’s a laundry list of fun things to do on your Cabo San Lucas vacation not to exclude simply doing nothing except sipping a cold Margarita. The excellent climate and endless water-based activities are just the beginning of fun in this Baja paradise. At Cabo, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes meet at the spot known as Land’s End, where the rocky outcroppings form the backdrop to one of Mexico’s most splendid natural wonders: El Arco.



If you’re planning on visiting Cabo in July, you picked an excellent time to explore this splendid city. Get ready to have the time of your life whether you’re with your friends, family, or even traveling solo! Here are just a few Cabo San Lucas things to do in July.


TRY YOUR LUCK AT FISHING – Summertime is the ultimate time for fishing in Cabo. With big-game tournaments and large cash prizes, professional and amateur anglers from all over the world travel to Cabo. You can either participate in one of these world-class tournaments or enjoy it for the sport. Cabo is frequently called the “world’s best underwater aquarium” because of the thousands of species of marine life. Every Baja bound angler should mark these fishing tournaments on his or her calendar for 2017: 21st Annual Stars & Stripes Golf & Fishing Tournament (June 22 – 27), Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge (July 12 – 17), 13th Annual East Cape Dorado Shoot Out (July 15), Señoritas Blue Water Classic (July 20 – 22), and East Cape Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot Tournament (August 26).


BE PART OF THE PARTY CRUISES – Nothing is better than a party in one of the world’s top vacation destinations. A surprise party with music, dancing and fun shouldn’t have to be limited to a night club. During your vacation in Cabo San Lucas, party on a yacht rental with full of amenities. A fun day in the sun can include water toys such as wave runners, banana tows, fishing, scuba, snorkeling and so much more. Drinks and dishes can be catered with your choice of beverages and cuisines. Whether it is a small quaint group or all of your friends and family, Yachts Cabo Charters has a range of vessels that can accommodate all of your needs.


EXPLORE SAN JOSE DEL CABO – San José del Cabo is like the ‘mild’ sister of ‘wild’ Cabo San Lucas. On a cool summer evening, take a leisurely stroll along the Art District of San Jose del Cabo. You are sure to enjoy opportunities to view amazing local artists, hear live music and treat your taste buds with delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. Take a drive down the highway from Cabo San Lucas, and you’ll reach its more sophisticated sister, San Jose del Cabo. San Jose del Cabo is worth visiting because of the history, luxury shopping, and sightseeing. Walks along the Wildlife Estuary are also popular, particularly with bird watchers and those interested in the local flora and fauna. The zipline tours by Canopy Costa Azul Xtreme combine scenic views with hair-raising thrills, as visiting adventurers take in spectacular ocean views while racing high above the canyon floor.


GET ADVENTUROUS ON ATV TOURS – Summertime may be hot, but it’s fun to get outside in Cabo. Luxury ATV tours are worth beating the heat to explore the Baja desert from a true two-seater. ATV tours are one of the most popular tours in Cabo for a huge reason, fun. Everyone loves flying across the sandy beaches and zooming over desert canyons. Under the guidance of an expert, enjoy the new exclusive route that explores Los Cabos’ beaches, desert landscapes, sand dunes, mountains, and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. During the season, it’s possible to enjoy whale watching from the various rest stops. The Cabo ATV Tours are very exciting excursions in which you will learn about the nature, local culture, and history of Cabo San Lucas.


Be ready to make some memories in Cabo! Open the door to the excitement by spending your vacation on the water in the style that you and your family or friends deserve. Participate in these tons of activities while in Cabo San Lucas on a yacht rental, and surely it will make your vacation a memorable fiesta.