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Your Kids and Family Will Not Get Bored in Cabo San Lucas… Check Out Why

It’s time to leave the real world behind and enjoy and treasure moments and experiences with your family that will last a lifetime on board a private and luxurious Cabo San Lucas yacht rental. In Cabo San Lucas, dramatic landscapes await where the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the turquoise waves of the Pacific. The curvy coast of pale sand beaches and views of the incredible El Arco rock formation from a Cabo San Lucas boat rental is a feast for the eyes of every traveler. The only difficulty a traveler here may face is in deciding what to do if anything at all.



Cabo San Lucas is dotted with several world-class golf courses, an underwater nature preserve, pristine beaches, sports fishing and shopping. It is the perfect spot to witness the amalgamation of natural wonder, local allure and modern luxury. That is why we bring you activities which are perfect to enjoy with your little ones and the rest of your family in Los Cabos:


Swim With DOLPHINS – The younger members of the family will have an amazing once being in contact with one of the most intelligent marine species. During the dolphin encounter program, you along with your kids can interact with friendly dolphins. You can stroke them, play with them and even get a wet kiss from the dolphin. You can also zoom across the water with an exciting belly ride or dorsal tow or even an exciting underwater swim with the dolphins!


Aerial View During ZIPLINE – While in Cabo San Lucas, fly like a superhero! Los Cabos has the most fun and exciting ziplines. You’ll fly through spectacular desert landscapes, soar across canyons, and tree canopies. Take in the spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez, and enjoy learning about Mexico’s rich biosphere. When you experience a Cabo San Lucas zipline tour, you’ll be sure to get a thrill. Come to enjoy an adventure full of adrenaline when soaring on ziplines.


Ride On A CAMEL – Camels are one of the friendliest and most loving animals you will ever meet. Make your child ride on the beast that takes you for a stroll along the white sandy beaches which offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. If visiting during the winter months, then while taking a ride on the back of a camel you can also spot majestic humpback whales. The guide will share with you the enthralling tales about past and present traditions, history, and cultures.


Enjoy The SNORKELING – Nothing is more exquisite than spotting incredible marine life found in the depths of the crystal clear waters. In the turquoise blue waters, you can spot manta rays to marine turtles, an innumerable quantity of tropical fish, and colorful corals and rock formations that are home to millions of species. Cabo San Lucas offers some of the Mexican Riviera’s best snorkeling spots including the marine preserves of Santa Maria Bay and Cabo Pulmo.


Experience SCUBA DIVING – The sea of Cortes is home to a large variety of fish and dive sites known throughout the world. Under the guidance of certified scuba instructors and dive masters, look forward to diving that takes you to the most pristine of destinations filled with exotic flora, fauna and amazing rock formations filled with a sea of tropical fish. From coral reefs to schools of exotic fish – there is much more to watch. Even whale watching from the water is possible!


Encounter WHALE SHARK – No experience in the world can match swimming alongside the largest fish in the ocean especially when that fish is a shark! Don’t worry, these Whale Sharks are known as the “gentle giants of the sea”. Jump into the water and snorkel beside these massive creatures. Once in the water, enjoy the enormity and beauty that nature has to offer. Keep an eye out for dolphins, rays, whales and other exciting sea life! An awesome, close-up encounter awaits you.


Explore The WILD CANYON KINGDOM – At Wild Canyon’s Kingdom – one of the most exciting adventure parks in Cabo – you can have a close encounter with exotic animal species such as iguanas, lovebirds, prairie dogs, macaws and more.


In Los Cabos, the fun never ends! Our Cabo San Lucas yacht rental will make all suitable arrangements for all activities that children and adults will like to be a part of. The amazing canyons and beautiful beaches make Cabo the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation on board your own private Cabo San Lucas boat rental.

Planning a Visit to Cabo With Kids – Do Not Miss Out On These Activities

Los Cabos located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico is home to two distinct personalities. One is the raucous Cabo San Lucas featuring all neon lights, eclectic shopping malls, and with late night bars that throng with youngsters dancing the night away. At the other end of the highway popularly known as the ‘corridor’ is San José del Cabo – a quiet, authentic Mexican town.


Cabo San Lucas Yacht Rental


You can travel from one distinct personality to another by sailing over the crystal clear waters on board your own private Cabo San Lucas yacht rental. Cabo offers beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, grand resorts, breathtaking sunsets, world-class cuisine, and is much easier to get to than many other destinations. Whichever side you choose, Los Cabos is a very pleasing place to visit with kids as there are plenty of activities to see and do.


WATCH WHALES BREACH – Almost throughout the year, the waters surrounding Los Cabos is one of the best places across the world to spot whales. Each year, thousands of whales migrate from the frozen waters of the Arctic. They travel to enjoy the warming sun throughout the year and more importantly to birth and rear their young in the calm waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula. Of the 11 species of whales in the world, eight can be seen in the waters surrounding Los Cabos, including minke, Bryde, fin, humpback and gray whales.


The crew of your private yacht can arrange for a whale watching charter to make your vacation trip even more memorable.


SPEND TIME AT BEACH – Although the Pacific Ocean is not considered as the best swimming accommodations for the waters can be quite chilly, however, it’s definitely worth spending a day or two at the beach while in Cabos for vacation.
You can plan a visit to Chileno Bay – a popular local beach that is off the radar of most spring breakers. This beach is located along the ‘corridor’ and is a great spot to enjoy leisure time with your family. Here you can actually swim or snorkel in the waters. You can also relax under the shade of palapas and take in the mesmerizing views of the local scenery. The kids will love playing in the tide pools and searching for hermit crabs.


BOAT RIDE AT EL ARCO – The distinctive arch popularly known as El Arco in Cabo San Lucas is the place where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. It is one of Los Cabos’ most iconic spots and is visited frequently by tourists and locals alike. Here you can look for the unique rock formation from dry land in Cabo San Lucas, but really, this sandy colored arch is best seen on board a yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas. While sailing over the water you can capture some great photos. Do keep an eye out for sea lions sunbathing along the way. Playa del Amour (Lover’s Beach), at the base of El Arco, is a great spot for snorkeling and to enjoy a picnic with the rest of the family or friends.


NATURE WATCH AT SAN JOSÉ ESTUARY – Perhaps your most surprising discovery while on vacation in Cabos with your family would probably be the Estuary and Bird Sanctuary in San José del Cabo. It has been designated as a Protected Natural Area. Being the only freshwater coastal lagoon in Baja California, it is home to some 270 different species of birds. You’re most likely to spot frigate birds and brown pelicans but it’s also an important refuge for the critically endangered Belding’s Yellowthroat.


SURF THE BREAK AT ZIPPERS – Surfing is one such activity that draws a large number of tourists to Baja. The world-famous Zippers is one of the most popular breaks. Located just west of San Jose del Cabo, Zippers is only for those who are passionate about zipping. Also, you don’t have to fight the crowds for the position! But even if you’re not a surfer, it’s a fun place to come and watch from shore as veterans master the waves.


These reasons and many more provide evidence as to why you should plan your upcoming vacation with kids to Cabo San Lucas. It’s the ultimate getaway and why not make your vacation and your kids vacations a memorable one by booking a private Cabo San Lucas yacht rental.

Ideas For a Perfect Outing With Your Significant Other in Los Cabos

After the December holidays and long cold winter months, vacations at any point of time in the given year is another opportunity to take a break and enjoy some quality time with your significant other. Did the warm beaches of Mexican Cabo cross your mind during your research for your next beach getaway? You cannot blame yourself, Baja’s weather is just perfect all throughout the year and there are so many things to do in Cabo, be it taking in the mesmerizing views of the sunset on board a private yacht rental, getting acquainted with the marine life while snorkeling in the crystal clear waters or trying your hand at paddle boarding.


Cabo San Lucas Yacht Rental


Cabo San Lucas is a fantastic beach destination where everyone can have fun regardless of their age. From a beautiful beach day to a rush of adrenaline, we have picked fun-filled activities that you can be part of while in Cabo San Lucas.


SNORKELING – The great must do activity while in Cabo. Enjoy swimming through the sparkling warm waters with your beloved and explore the world’s best underwater aquarium. Drop anchor in a spectacular cove where you’ll swim, snorkel and power-snorkel (with water scooters) in the clear protected waters while looking for rays, sea turtles and enjoying the abundance of tropical fish. Admire the colorful coral and rugged rock formations that are home to a variety of sea life. If you are amongst those who want to dive down towards the ocean floor, then snorkeling is a great option to go with, but you may want to consider a scuba training course.


SUNSET CRUISE – Late in the afternoon, enjoy the best of the Sea of Cortez while on a private yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas. The fresh breeze and ocean winds will get you in the mood for some fun and relaxation. From our experience, an afternoon on the boat while enjoying Cabo from the sea, is unique for all of those who take the time to enjoy. Your crew will smoothly sail the boat towards the colorful sunset so you can experience incredible views. An expert crew will regale you with facts and history about the area as your boat makes its way ever so gently across the sea.


WHALE WATCHING – The Baja Peninsula is comparable to a paradise on Earth, and the giants of the marine world couldn’t agree more. The whale migration journey is the longest mammal migration on Earth. The yearly visitors of Baja from Alaska are the Humpback and Grey Whales. In the whale watching tour, you can see these playful mammals jumping into the sea enjoying the warm waters of the Baja. Whale watching is a one of a kind experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Whale watching is one of the most admired activities in the Baja.


PADDLE BOARDING – Another fun activity you can be a part of is paddle boarding – a great way to spend a day on the water. Whether under the guidance of an expert or just giving it a shot, paddle boarding is blast along the Bay of San Lucas. A guide will teach you how to stand-up paddle board as you pass Lovers Beach, the Arch, and a sea lion colony. You will get to see the Arch, Cabo’s iconic natural rock structure jutting out of the Caribbean. Then don your snorkel gear and wade into the water for a different adventure: swimming up close to schools of tropical fish.


BUNJEE JUMPING – How about adding a new adrenaline rushing adventure to your list of activities to do while in the Baja? Los Cabos has fantastic locations for you to enjoy the best eco-tourism activities whether you want to enjoy them in the water or desert. Take in the picturesque view of Los Cabos’ stark, yet breathtaking, desert landscape from the perched platforms. Unique in Mexico, Wild Canyon exclusively operates the only bungee jump in the country from a gondola rather than a customary crane or bridge. It is ideal for beginner jumpers and seasoned adventure-seekers; bungee jumping is truly the thrill of a lifetime!


There’s no better way to have a perfect outing with your significant other in Cabo San Lucas. Between paddle boarding, snorkeling, and finishing your day up with mesmerizing nature views on board your own private yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas, your vacation will be a memorable one here!

Tips To Make Your Vacations Memorable in July in Cabo San Lucas

Visiting Cabo San Lucas is always a good idea! With July fast approaching, Cabo is heating up summertime fun. There’s a laundry list of fun things to do on your Cabo San Lucas vacation not to exclude simply doing nothing except sipping a cold Margarita. The excellent climate and endless water-based activities are just the beginning of fun in this Baja paradise. At Cabo, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes meet at the spot known as Land’s End, where the rocky outcroppings form the backdrop to one of Mexico’s most splendid natural wonders: El Arco.



If you’re planning on visiting Cabo in July, you picked an excellent time to explore this splendid city. Get ready to have the time of your life whether you’re with your friends, family, or even traveling solo! Here are just a few Cabo San Lucas things to do in July.


TRY YOUR LUCK AT FISHING – Summertime is the ultimate time for fishing in Cabo. With big-game tournaments and large cash prizes, professional and amateur anglers from all over the world travel to Cabo. You can either participate in one of these world-class tournaments or enjoy it for the sport. Cabo is frequently called the “world’s best underwater aquarium” because of the thousands of species of marine life. Every Baja bound angler should mark these fishing tournaments on his or her calendar for 2017: 21st Annual Stars & Stripes Golf & Fishing Tournament (June 22 – 27), Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge (July 12 – 17), 13th Annual East Cape Dorado Shoot Out (July 15), Señoritas Blue Water Classic (July 20 – 22), and East Cape Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot Tournament (August 26).


BE PART OF THE PARTY CRUISES – Nothing is better than a party in one of the world’s top vacation destinations. A surprise party with music, dancing and fun shouldn’t have to be limited to a night club. During your vacation in Cabo San Lucas, party on a yacht rental with full of amenities. A fun day in the sun can include water toys such as wave runners, banana tows, fishing, scuba, snorkeling and so much more. Drinks and dishes can be catered with your choice of beverages and cuisines. Whether it is a small quaint group or all of your friends and family, Yachts Cabo Charters has a range of vessels that can accommodate all of your needs.


EXPLORE SAN JOSE DEL CABO – San José del Cabo is like the ‘mild’ sister of ‘wild’ Cabo San Lucas. On a cool summer evening, take a leisurely stroll along the Art District of San Jose del Cabo. You are sure to enjoy opportunities to view amazing local artists, hear live music and treat your taste buds with delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. Take a drive down the highway from Cabo San Lucas, and you’ll reach its more sophisticated sister, San Jose del Cabo. San Jose del Cabo is worth visiting because of the history, luxury shopping, and sightseeing. Walks along the Wildlife Estuary are also popular, particularly with bird watchers and those interested in the local flora and fauna. The zipline tours by Canopy Costa Azul Xtreme combine scenic views with hair-raising thrills, as visiting adventurers take in spectacular ocean views while racing high above the canyon floor.


GET ADVENTUROUS ON ATV TOURS – Summertime may be hot, but it’s fun to get outside in Cabo. Luxury ATV tours are worth beating the heat to explore the Baja desert from a true two-seater. ATV tours are one of the most popular tours in Cabo for a huge reason, fun. Everyone loves flying across the sandy beaches and zooming over desert canyons. Under the guidance of an expert, enjoy the new exclusive route that explores Los Cabos’ beaches, desert landscapes, sand dunes, mountains, and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. During the season, it’s possible to enjoy whale watching from the various rest stops. The Cabo ATV Tours are very exciting excursions in which you will learn about the nature, local culture, and history of Cabo San Lucas.


Be ready to make some memories in Cabo! Open the door to the excitement by spending your vacation on the water in the style that you and your family or friends deserve. Participate in these tons of activities while in Cabo San Lucas on a yacht rental, and surely it will make your vacation a memorable fiesta.

Amazing Tours Not To Be Missed While in Las Cabos

Located at the south end of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos offers the perfect amalgamation and eye captivating views of beaches, desert landscapes, and mountainous zones. With the coastline that stretches from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean, and 350 sunny days a year, the destinations in the proximity are best explored on board a yacht charter in Cabo. Mexico’s ultimate seaside escape is a paradise amongst surfers, golfers, divers, and hikers for they come here year-round to enjoy everything this exciting tourist destination has to offer.


yacht charter in Cabos


Los Cabos has something for everyone, regardless of the type of trip you want, be it a relaxed weekend or an adventurous experience, a budget vacation or an over the top splurge, rest assured you will find what you’re looking for in this great beach and resort destination, located in northwest Mexico.


What you’ll experience when you visit Los Cabos depends on the type of trip you’re looking for, but once you are here, there are incredible adventure-filled activities awaiting for you. Check out a few must see tours you should experience while on a vacation trip to Los Cabos.


DOLPHIN ENCOUNTER – Undoubtedly, an amazing experience. Take the adventure into the exciting world of dolphins through an exciting swim in the fresh and cool water and pet/swim with this lovely animal; or try the boogie push. Don’t miss the belly ride wherein you will be holding our quickest dolphin fins while he swims across the water, be prepared for the time of your life!


PHOTO SAFARI – Hop on a yacht charter to take in the mesmerizing views of the incredible marine life as you sail on the turquoise blue waters off Los Cabos. At a far off distance, from your deck, you can also witness whales and dolphins jumping and playing in their natural habitat. The tour is considered one of the best ways to capture incredible moments and great memories during your fun filled holidays with family and friends.


CAMEL RIDE – The Outback & Camel Safari is an unforgettable eco-adventure which takes you deep into the heart of the Baja outback on a voyage of discovery and wonder. The exciting beach camel ride through untouched desert vegetation and amongst indigenous flora and fauna offers spectacular views and a true eco-educational experience. En route you will also come across ancient cacti dotted along the sandy pathways. These are home to a huge array of wildlife. Look out for the huge caracaras, foxes, deer and chipmunks that live in the area.


UNDERWATER ADVENTURE – Baja’s Sea of Cortez is known as “the world’s aquarium” as it is home to over 800 fish species. The staggering amount of biodiversity makes it one of the greatest places on earth for scuba divers, free divers, and snorkeling enthusiasts. These tours give you a golden opportunity to see the spectacular flora and fauna found underwater. This combined with other water activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking or a ride on an inflatable water craft make each charter an individualized experience.


FLYBOARDING – If you are looking for things to do in Cabo, look no further, flyboarding is the coolest of all activities and tours in Los Cabos. Flyboarding takes you into the air like Ironman. Guest of all ages have taken to flight and always have a great time. It is the perfect water sport for families with teens or anyone looking for a new adventure. Blast out of the water and hover in air under the guidance of professionals.


Los Cabos is a paradise for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, with excellent fishing, diving, snorkeling, sailing and surfing opportunities to be to be enjoyed while on board a yacht charter in Cabos.

Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Next Yacht Trip To Los Cabos

Los Cabos is considered one of the most travel rich places in the world, and no doubt it is. Would you like to know why?

Something that makes this place far beyond amazing is its year-round weather, fabulous migratory whales, magnificent desert, or its pristine sea that can be explored aboard a private yacht charter in Cabo. Nowhere in the world can so many options be explored simultaneously by travelers.

yacht charter in Cabo

With summer coming, it’s time to start planning your Cabo vacation, and so why not make it a memorable one. Following are just a few reasons why you should plan your next vacation trip to Los Cabos:

1.WHALE WATCHING – Speaking of amazing sea life, starting at the end of November until March, whales make their way to the coast of Los Cabos. Humpback and gray whales swim in the warm waters south of the Baja California peninsula; some will welcome you with their water stunts while others will approach your yacht so that you can have some amazing photo opportunities. Keep an eye out for pelicans and sea lions too.

2.SNORKELING – From coral reefs to schools of exotic fish, Cabo is dotted with dive and snorkeling spots, starting from the coast of Cabo and going clear to Puerto Vallarta. Under the guidance of certified scuba instructors and dive masters, explore the most pristine destinations that are filled with exotic flora, fauna and amazing rock formations with a sea of tropical fish. Admire the colorful coral and rugged rock formations the house the teeming sea life.

3.ROMANCE & SUNSET VIEWS – Lover’s beach is considered one the most romantic spots in Los Cabo that can be accessed only by panga (a type of boat common in Los Cabo) or your own private yacht charter. A strip of glimmering sand is the perfect place to enjoy sunbathing amid wave washed rocks. Divorce Beach, appropriately connected to Lover’s Beach, is on the Pacific side. Visit here to soak up some sun, and then watch it go down. No other place could be better to witness the mesmerizing views of sunset.

4.NATURE WATCH AT EL ARCO – Set your itinerary to explore Cabo’s most famous natural feature, the Arch. “El Arco” is part of a formation known as the Three Friars, which make up the peninsula’s southern tip, Land’s End. On one side of El Arco, there is the Pacific Ocean in all its grandeur, and on the other side, begins the Sea of Cortez which looks amazing. No matter, it is guaranteed to be bustling, but the spectacular views of these majestic rocks provide a guarantee to leave you awestruck.

5.GO GOLFING – Los Cabo is home to some world-class golf courses such as Cabo Del Sel, Cabo Real Resort, Cabo San Lucas Country Club, Club Campestre San Jose, Puerto Los Cabos, and Palmilla Course. Each gold courses offers panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez and the surrounding mountains. However, Cabo Del Sel is THE COURSE amongst top golf players. It is a more consistent, playable layout with the quickest, meanest greens west of Augusta.

6.OPEN SURFING – More than just a surf tournament, Los Cabos’ Open Surf is an event that combines sport with music and a great atmosphere. This year’s Open of Surf event will be held from 6-11th June, and a great way to enjoy the summer weather at Zippers Beach amongst waves and beautiful views. The Los Cabos Open Surf aims to be an all-inclusive premiere contest experience not only for surf fans but also for surfers!

7.EXPERIENCE THE LOCAL CUISINE – If you want to get to know a place, you’ve got to know the local food. If it’s food you want, Cabo San Lucas has lots to offer in the variety of tastes and budgets. One of the best delights that everyone enjoys here is chicken tamales fajados (tamales fajados de pollo), which is prepared with chicken or pork, olive oil, raisins, and olives. Comida de pobres is the traditional dish of Cabo, which is prepared with seafood soup, Mexican rice, beans, and corn flour tortilla

Hope the above-enlisted reasons are enough to convince you to plan your next vacation trip to Los Cabo and make your vacation aboard a private yacht charter in Cabo a memorable fiesta to cherish each year.