Sailing Cruise Cabo San Lucas

Nothing is comparable to the sailing waters of the Sea of Cortez, Cabo and the Pacific.  Whether for a day or a week, there are an abundant amount of sites, islands and pristine waters to navigate.  Just as some of our clients prefer a luxury vessel powering over the waters at cruising speed, we have a select group that believes there is only one way to move across the waters and that is naturally with the use of sails.  If you are in this group or a novice looking to have an amazing time out on the water, we have a highly skilled team who looks forward to sharing an ocean wind experience with our valued guests every day.  Since sailing is an experience like no other, we at Yachts Cabo Charters like to provide this service to you in a one of a kind way by offering catering services, water toys such as fishing, scuba, paddle boards, kayaks and more if you so decide.  However you choose, we also provide the option of you sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful ride of sailing across the ocean waters for however long you prefer.

At Yachts Cabo Charters, we look forward to matching your interest with the perfect luxury yachting experience tailored specifically to you.  We have all types of luxury vessels ranging from strictly sailing yachts to catamaran sailing vessels and other various luxury and mega yachts for your enjoyment.  You can peruse these vessels by selecting the link provided here or go to the top of the page and selecting Our Fleet.  To discover more about our more popular destinations in the Cabo San Lucas area, be sure to ask our highly knowledgeable staff .  If you prefer to give us the details and we supply the itinerary, simply select the Contacts link here, fill out the form and allow us to put together a schedule that you approve.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!