Whatever your event or occasion might be, we strive to provide the prefect yacht, highly skilled team, impeccable cuisine and all of the necessary equipment that promises to fulfill whatever your request might be. Below is a short list of common events that we at Yachts Cabo Charters provide for, and we welcome any new and exciting events not on this list.

Private Sunset Cruise Cabo San Lucas

Private Sunset Cruise Cabo San Lucas

Experience the nightfall on the pristine waters of the Pacific more than ever on our spectacular Sunset Cruise! Amid your voyage you will have the chance to watch the dusk over the Cabo San Lucas skyline with your favorite music and the cool winds blowing across your face. It is a sensation like no other to be cruising across the deep blue waters below and the setting sun in the background while cruising with those close to you. (more…)


There is perhaps no better way to experience quality time with the one you care about than on a luxury yacht charter.  A Five-Star hotel experience is pretty amazing, but imagine taking that level of service to the water where your canvas changes every minute offering something more to see.  Shimmering blue waters and a host of different event opportunities to participate in, create a fun filled day to be enjoyed by only you two. (more…)


It is the goal of Yachts Cabo Charters to bring out the most fun from every yacht charter that goes out, but we had to find a name for those individuals and groups who have no specific reason for going out on a luxury yacht excursion other than to have some fun.  Whatever the arrangement might be, whether it be a group, family, or just a couple, our team puts the F in FUN.  We know the spots and we have all the components necessary in creating the most enjoyable of outings. (more…)

Marriage Proposal Cruise Cabo San Lucas

Let’s face the facts; it’s getting more and more difficult to be original when considering your options for proposing in a unique sort of way.  While there are a couple of different options when approaching this special task, there are very few that offer the  private, romantic and one of a kind setting such as the one a luxury yacht charter provides.  If you have decided to pop the big question, then you want everything to go just as planned. (more…)


Whether it’s your first or your 50th, this is a glorious occasion that can be shared with two or two-hundred.  Since this is something that the team at Yachts Cabo Charters does every day, it has almost become second nature.  Still, for those who insist, we do have planners outside of our group who specialize in wedding and anniversary events that are a little more complex and are available if you desire to use their services.  (more…)


Stretches of islands and destination hot spots can be quite alluring for those seeking adventure and relaxation.  Whether your interest is in sailing, power yachting or even mega yachting, at Yachts Cabo Charters we have a wide variety of vessels available for those who are looking to spend more than the normal 6 hours of day charter time on the water.  Along with each of our vessels from our fleet of luxury craft comes a seasoned crew with an on board chef for those meals that are prepared on board.  (more…)

Birthday Celebration on Birthday Party Yacht Cabo San Lucas

A surprise party with music, dancing and fun shouldn’t have to be limited to a ballroom or night club.  Throwing a birthday party on a yacht can have all of the amenities of your every day party, and the pizzazz of sharing an amazing time on a luxury yacht.  A fun day in the sun can include water toys such as waverunners, banana tows, fishing, scuba, snorkeling and so much more.   Drinks can be made to order and eats can be catered with your choice of cuisines. (more…)

Corporate Event Yacht Cabo San Lucas

Arguably the best way to throw your next tax deductible corporate event is via luxury yacht on the waters of Cabo San Lucas.  Not only is it a great way to impress your potential clients or regular clients, but it is perfect for rewarding success with your team members.  Unmatched views, 5-Star service, your choice of cuisines and made to order beverages on a luxury vessel that can be chartered for the day or more. (more…)

Retirement Party Boat Cabo San Lucas

Formally declaring the closing of one important chapter of ones life and opening an equally important next chapter on a luxury yacht with the closest of friends and loved ones is a great way to celebrate in style.  Sending the retiree off with a momentous, active and fun-filled cruise is an un-matched experience when giving that important moment the recognition it deserves.  Keep in mind that a great number of activities can easily be added to this event, and it doesn’t have to be the typical party. (more…)

Bachelorette Party Yacht Cabo San Lucas

The most important element in any bachelor or bachelorette party is FUN.  At Yachts Cabo Charters, we love to have fun and look forward to providing an environment that will allow everyone, including the future bride or groom, to do just that.  If you are looking to take your celebration to the next level, hosting your event on a luxury yacht while cruising across the pristine waters where all of your favorite drinks and dining selections are at your disposal is truly an unrivaled experience. (more…)

Weddings & Wedding Reception Yacht Cabo San Lucas

What better way to say your marriage vows than on a beautiful luxury yacht in the waters of Cabo San Lucas on a gorgeous sunny day with the ones you love and cherish nearby.  Whether it is getting married holding your reception or both, we have vessels and a professional team that can handle all occasions.  From the endless stretches of beaches and deep blue waters, your celebration is guaranteed to be like no other.  We have dj’s, florist, catering, professional photographers and more, and more importantly (more…)

Fishing Charters Cabo San Lucas

Fishing Charters Cabo San Lucas

The waters surrounding Cabo San Lucas are fertile grounds for amazing fishing year around, so much so that it is the host of more fishing events than anywhere else in the world.  That’s right, ranging from Bisbee’s Black and Blue with an entry price of $60,000.00 to smaller and more remote tournaments catered to all fisherman with an entry fee of just a couple hundred American dollars.  You don’t have to be a competitive angler to enjoy good fishing fun though, and our season crew knows the fishing hot spots and how to get the big ones to bite on your hook. (more…)

Sailing Cruise Cabo San Lucas

Nothing is comparable to the sailing waters of the Sea of Cortez, Cabo and the Pacific.  Whether for a day or a week, there are an abundant amount of sites, islands and pristine waters to navigate.  Just as some of our clients prefer a luxury vessel powering over the waters at cruising speed, we have a select group that believes there is only one way to move across the waters and that is naturally with the use of sails.  If you are in this group or a novice looking to have an amazing time out on the water, (more…)

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas

Snorkeling Cabo San Lucas & Scuba Diving Cabo San Lucas

We invite all of our guests to embark upon a snorkeling or diving adventure in this underwater paradise filled with dive sites known throughout the world.  From coral reefs to schools of exotic fish, and yes, even whale watching from the water.  Cabo is peppered with dive and snorkeling spots all over the area from Cabo to Puerto Vallarta, and  our certified scuba instructors and dive masters look forward to taking you to the most pristine of destinations filled with exotic flora, (more…)