Know Why These Snorkel Spots in Cabo San Lucas are Considered Secret

Jacques Cousteau – world famous explorer and conservationist once called the waters around Cabo San Lucas the “World Aquarium.” It was so called due to the huge diversity and the population of the marine life that calls the Sea of Cortez their home. And he wasn’t lying. The 7000 hectares of marine area in the Cabo Pulmo National Park alone is home to 500 different species. While those numbers are impressive, consider having a chance to interact with these marine creatures face to face.


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Snorkeling Cabo San Lucas


La Paz – La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur – the state in which Los Cabos is located. The long stretches of beach, crystal clear water and just the right kind of climate for a laid back holiday make La Paz the most visited destination amongst the snorkelers.


From October, majestic goliaths call these waters home, as huge Whale Sharks – the world’s largest fish – glide around the reefs. Regardless of the size, these creatures do not cause any harm to the humans. Instead, they feed on plankton that they filter out of the water with their enormous mouths. What an amazing experience it would be to get right up next to the sharks while they continue their feeding.


Snorkeling next to these gentle giants is an incredible and unique opportunity. At the same time, keep your eyes peeled for the range of other rays, sharks and fish that are swimming around the area.


El Arco – El Arco is the most famous landmark in all of Los Cabos. Along with the picturesque setting, the Arch at Land’s end is home to varied marine life. Sea Lions congregate around the formation, hopping onto the beaches when they want to catch some sun and frolicking in the shallow waters for food and play.


A short ride on board your own private Cabo San Lucas boat rental will deliver you right into the action. Once you’ve arrived at the pristine marine meadow, strap on a snorkeling mask to take in the incredible submarine views. You can also make your own way via paddle boarding or kayaking, taking in the mesmerizing views of the surroundings.


Eye the sea lions or the fish, count the flashes of tropical color, or perhaps discover a new species in the mix. Scuba divers can head to the Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach. You can also enjoy the eye-captivating waterfall effect on the ocean floor at Sand Falls. It was first discovered by Cousteau over forty years ago.


Cabo Pulmo – No doubt the divers will have a gala time enjoying the life in the shallows of the Arch, however, the peak of scuba action in Baja is at the World’s Aquarium – Cabo Pulmo. The dives here range all the way down to 100ft.


Experienced and amateurs both are welcome. Individual divers can head to one of the many reefs, the two wrecks and out to El Islote island. Under the waves, you are sure to encounter whole schools of sardines, snapper and surgeon fish as well as sea lions, bull and tiger sharks, manta rays, and eels.Occasionally, you might spot whale sharks on their migratory journey.


If you plan to visit from November to March, it is recommended to carry wetsuits, when you’re most likely to see the larger beasts. Cabo Pulmo offers a golden chance to the locals and travelers alike to take classes for diving if you are not experienced or trying it out for the first time.


The above enlisted secret snorkeling spots in Cabo San Lucas can easily be accessed on board your own private yacht rental. They are indeed worth exploring as it lets the snorkelers and divers a chance to interact with the beautiful marine creatures that call this Caribbean island their home.