Beaches To Enjoy A Perfect & Private Sunset Cruise in Cabo San Lucas

Looking for a paradise where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and get up close and personal with nature? Cabo San Lucas is one such place. It is here that the dramatic landscapes await and where the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the turquoise waves of the Pacific. The coves along the curvy coast of pale sand beaches offer incredible views of the El Arco rock formation. The stunning views of the sunset on board your private sunset cruise in Cabo San Lucas is a feast for the eyes.



Experience the nightfall on the pristine waters of the Pacific more than ever on our spectacular private sunset cruise in Cabo San Lucas! Below are enlisted a list of some of the beaches to enjoy the picture-perfect sunset views during your sunset cruise in Cabo San Lucas:


LOVERS BEACH – The first thing that pops up into mind upon hearing the word “Lovers Beach” is a quiet romantic place. This beach area is most definitely perfect to share with your beloved. However, this is not exactly the real deal. It is a fun place for everyone to visit. In fact, it is highly recommended for its sunset views at least once in your trip to Cabo San Lucas. Imagine the sunset and see how the sky shows its brilliant colors of orange and pink. It is a view and experience that cannot be captured on a postcard or photo no matter how hard you try.


MÉDANO BEACH – Being the most popular beach in Cabo, Playa El Médano is the perfect spot to experience the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. Watching the sunset here is a popular activity amongst the tourists and locals alike. Climb to the upper deck of your private yacht to take in the amazing panoramic views and a enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. After the sun goes down, treat your taste buds with scrumptious cuisine and later tap your feet to the tunes of Mexican music. It will surely be a wonderful experience.


DIVORCE BEACH – Contrary to what the name implies, Divorce Beach is actually a romantic place to be for couples. Since it faces the Pacific Ocean, one can enjoy an epic sunset here. Relax and soak up the sun with your lover. Later, watch the colors of the sun change magically before your eyes like a live painting. It is in such a unique setting because this is one of the few beaches in the world that actually connects with two different bodies of water — the Pacific on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other.


SUNSET BEACH – This is a perfect place for viewing amazing sunsets and not the beach where you can try your hand at several adrenaline rushing activities such as swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling. From your private sunset cruise in Cabo San Lucas take in the breathtaking vistas of the ocean. Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas is an enchanting spot to watch the sun go down with its infinity pool and elements that blur into the beautiful natural surroundings. Enjoy the moment along with the view!


LAS PLAYITAS – Las Playitas does not refer to a single beach. Rather, the term refers to several small beaches that are often overlooked by most travelers in Cabo. They are located just adjacent to the rock formations leading up to Lover’s Beach and Land’s End. When the tide is normal, Las Playitas are popular attractions among locals. It is another spot to watch the breathtaking and an uninterrupted view of the setting sun as it goes down. Book a table on the water’s edge, with its famous windmills standing guard above you.


There are so many other places and beaches in Cabo San Lucas where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the sunset, but the above listed have been tried and tested and offer unique sunset experiences. Wherever you are on the island, a private sunset cruise in Cabo San Lucas will be special as long as you stop, take a breath and watch the colors change right in front of your eyes.